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Dr. Marinette Nyangono Zibiand and the skilled staff are devoted to improving the mental health of her patients, practices at the Compassionate Wellness Center in Hagerstown, MD.

Our doctor and her outstanding and skilled staff meet the needs of those battling over 200 emotional illnesses, causing mild to debilitating symptoms with the most appropriate treatment possible.

Importance of Balancing Mental Instabilities

Years ago, a mental issue was seldom discussed, much less treated, because little was known about how to treat the specifics of most mental instabilities or what to name a specific disease such as ADHD, ADD, or panic attacks, to name a few.

Mental issues were swept under the rug, ignored, and untreated because doctors did not know how to treat these emotional disturbances successfully. Mental illness is generally acquired during childhood, or the child is born with specific traits. A child carries this illness into adulthood for the rest of their life. It was and still is difficult for families to accept that a loved one is mentally unbalanced.

An emotional disturbance recognized early with proper treatment enables the child to learn how to cope positively with their disease. Unfortunately, many adults do not get help early; thus, they come for help when they are well into their adult years. Professional treatment plans can accomplish the following.

  • It enables a more productive life of the highest quality possible.
  • Connects patients to appropriate resources.
  • Affects thoughts and behaviors.
  • Treatments decrease symptoms of depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, and dementia.
  • Treatments uncover the possible stressors of this illness.
  • Helps the person lead a healthier life.

Treatment takes an honest look at the red flags specific to the age of emotional disorders, such as ongoing and frequent fears, anxiety, anger, confusion, delusions, sadness, irritability, and more, depending on the patient's age. In addition, symptoms and treatments of emotional distress in children and teens can differ from those in adults.

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Dr. Zibi and the skilled and skilled staff head up Compassionate Wellness Center for mental health, located in Hagerstown, MD. They are devoted to helping patients achieve and maintain the highest quality of living possible. Additionally, our professionals maintain an advanced level of accreditation through constantly updating educational concepts related to health trends.

Give us a call today at (240) 513-6001. Awareness of your emotional health is the first step to conquering the confines that mental instability imposes on one's quality of life.

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