What Is the Goal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation?

Mental health issues affect millions of Americans. These issues can have a much larger impact on your daily lives than are commonly realized. At the Compassionate Wellness Center, our doctors offer psychiatric rehabilitation in Hagerstown, MD, to help people learn how to live a full and improved lives after having been diagnosed with a mental health condition.

Mental Health is Fragile

Mental health is not as resilient as many think. A sudden trauma, or a slow exposure to minor trauma, can have a long-term impact on you. This affects the way you see the world, make decisions, and set priorities.

Medical issues, such as brain chemistry, disease, or disorder can lead to the chemistry being altered even without any real trauma. Many of these things are beyond your control, but still impact our day-to-day living.

What is the Goal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation?

The ultimate goal of psychiatric rehabilitation is to empower people who are given a mental health diagnosis so that they can develop the social, emotional, and problem coping skills to live their best possible lives. 

How Does Psychiatric Rehabilitation Work?

Everything starts with determining what your psychiatric needs are. An assessment is performed to try to determine what the issue is so that a proper treatment plan can be put into place. You will learn to understand your motivating factors, why you react to certain situations and emotions the way that you do, as well as how to best implement alternate reactions so that you can have better outcomes from choices.

For example, someone struggling from addiction will be able to know what needs are being unmet, how the addiction was formed, what an addiction cycle is, and most importantly, how to circumvent/disrupt that cycle towards something healthier.

If you are wondering if the Compassionate Wellness Center can use psychiatric rehabilitation to help you, call (240) 513-6001 to schedule a consultation. Our doctors can provide this and other services to the Hagerstown, MD, area.

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